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Week 5

Thursday 26 October → Wednesday 1 November


This week will again be fairly heavy. As a quick note, the workload diminishes as we go past Thanksgiving. As for this week, we will finish Chapter 3 of Business Ethics Workshop. We will continue to develop a set of theories for approaching ethical issues that are grounded on consequences instead of principles.


This week grades will be assigned for online activities.


Our video course work this week will be Chapter 3, Modules 4, 5 & 6. They can be found below.


Our discussion board work is listed below.




Review, Reading, Lecture & Discussion


Review: Professor's video

Please watch the below where I respond to last week’s discussion board question.



Our reading homework will be Chapter 3 of Business Ethics Workshop: Theories of Consequence Ethics: Traditional Tools for Making Decisions in Business When the Ends Justify the Means. Especially the sections on Altruism and Egoism.



Online Lecture

Chapter 3, Module 4

Please watch the online lecture below.



Chapter 3, Module 5

Please watch the online lecture below.



Module 3, Submodule 6

Please watch the online lecture below.




Congratulations! We have now finished studying the theories for the first segment of the class. Next week we will begin looking at some specific issues in business ethics.


Here are the theories we have studied, along with a few notes and distinctions.


Duty Theories (Chapter 2)


Perennial Duties
Duties to self
Duties to others


Treat equals equally, unequals unequally
Veil of ignorance


Treat others as ends, not means


Freedom maximization



Consequence Theories (Chapter 3)


Happiness Calculation
Monetized utilitarianism
Idealistic & hedonistic utilitarianism




Enlightened egoism
Invisible hand



Case Study: Lottery

Please watch the case study below.


Consider what ethical conflicts and dilemmas arise here. Who is involved, who needs to be taken into consideration? Which facts are important?


Next, consider the questions set at the end of the case. How would you respond to them in ethical terms?


Finally, on the online discussion board, respond to this question:


You manage DDB New York, the advertising company making ads for the New York Lottery. How would you respond to the criticisms leveled by Lindsay Beyerstein? Would you decide to drop the account, change your approach to the account, change nothing, something else?


Justify your decision in ethical terms.


Also, respond to at least two of your classmates.


Also, please copy/paste your long answer into the assignment page which can be found in the assessments tab on Blackboard!


Dates for completion
Reading, videos and initial discussion board posting finished by noon Monday.
Response to classmates on discussion board finished by noon Wednesday.




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