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Week 4

Thursday 19 October → Wednesday 25 October


This week we will begin Chapter 3 of Business Ethics Workshop. We will develop a set of theories for approaching ethical issues that are grounded on consequences instead of principles.


Remember that this week grades will be assigned for online activities!


Our video course work this week will be Chapter 3, Modules 1, 2 & 3. They can be found below.


Our discussion board work is listed below.


A “Professor's video” is posted below: as always, I respond to last week’s discussion board, and try to expand on a few of the points. I’m also attempting to guide your individual contributions into the flow of the class’s main ideas.




Review, Reading, Lecture & Discussion



Professor's video

If you haven't seen it already, please watch the below where I respond to last week’s discussion board question.



Our reading homework will be Chapter 3 of Business Ethics Workshop: Theories of Consequence Ethics: Traditional Tools for Making Decisions in Business When the Ends Justify the Means. Especially the sections on Utilitarianism and Altruism.



Online Lecture

Chapter 3, Module 1

Please watch the online lecture below.



Chapter 3, Module 2

Please watch the online lecture below.



Chapter 3, Module 3

Please watch the online lecture below.





Case Study: Dance Safe?

Please watch the case study below.


Consider what ethical conflicts and dilemmas arise in the news report. Who is involved, who needs to be taken into consideration? Which facts are important?


On the online discussion board, respond to this question: Is the Dance Safe organization and mission good in ethical terms?


Be sure to exercise your skills in applying the duty theories, and the ideas of fairness, Kant’s categorical imperative, the ideas of Rights theory and, most important, the ideas of utilitarianism and monetized utilitarianism.


Finally, respond to at least two of your classmates.


Also, please copy/paste your long answer into the assignment page which can be found in the assessments tab on Blackboard!


Dates for completion
Reading, videos and initial discussion board posting finished by noon Monday.
Response to classmates on discussion board finished by noon Wednesday.




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