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Week 1

Thursday 28 September → Wednesday 4 October


We begin with our standard format: Video lectures will be followed by online discussion on the Blackboard site.


This week no grades will be assigned for online activities; we are just getting settled in to the routine of online coursework.


Our video course work this week will be Chapter 1, Modules 1, 2 & 3. They can be found below.


Our discussion board work is listed below.



Introduction, Reading, Lecture & Discussion




First, please go to the class discussion board on Blackboard (here), and contribute a brief introduction of yourself to your classmates.




Our reading homework will be Chapter 1 of Business Ethics Workshop:  What is Business Ethics.



Online Lecture

Chapter 1, Module 1

Please watch the online lecture below.



Chapter 1, Module 2

Please watch the online lecture below. (Note: The first minutes repeat the introduction from the previous Module.)



Chapter 1, Module 3

Please watch the online lecture below.



Discussion: Medical Testing Dilemma

Please watch the following video dilemma.

On the Blackboard discussion board (here), please contribute to the debate, and to answering the question, “What should Guy do?”


Justify your thoughts in terms of values.


Also, respond to at least two of your classmates.




Dates for completion
Reading, videos and initial discussion board posting finished by noon Monday.
Response to classmates on discussion board finished by noon Wednesday.




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